Diffracted reading group 

Diffraction patterns record the history of interaction, interference, reinforcement and difference. Diffraction is about heterogeneous histories, not originals. Unlike reflections, diffractions do not displace the same elsewhere, in more or less distorted forms, thereby giving rise to industries of metaphysics . . .(Donna Haraway)

'Diffracted reading' is an attempt to read differently. It is a performative action towards reading where patterns of diffractions are created through texts, textures and gestures of all natures.
This is a regular event at Kunsthaus KuLe. It is an attempt to remain perpetual students, beyond recognised  institutional contexts. 'Diffracted Reading' is a self-education series in group formation.

The format of the meetings self-formulate in relation to the changing group's desires and urgencies as the series unfolds. 

Invitation is open and entrance is free.
To limit paper waste, please bring your laptop, smartphone, e-reader or any other digital device you like to read from.

Please email diffractedreading@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list and receive news about our upcoming events.

You are very welcome!
Maciej Sado & Alice Heyward

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